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Life is dynamic and so can we be!

I identify myself as a planner. Someone who likes to know what their next step is going to be and what needs to be done to allow that to happen. Finding it hard to juggle several tasks at once I choose to strategically and visually plan ahead. I find this allows me to flow from one task to the next without entering into a jumble of confusing, chaotic thoughts and to avoid the unsettling feelings that come with the void of not knowing and uncertainty. This approach is applied to the way I learn, the way I go by my day to day life and the way in which I choose to progress when looking at the bigger picture of the different stages to life. It is a trait that helps me find consistency, predictability and calmness. It helps me to be trusting and unassuming when it comes to the people I interact with and the experiences I encounter. It leaves less room for error and little reason for conflict. Adopting this mindset has taught me to be proactive, to set intentions for my days and to explore the process of my actions when trying to reach desired outcomes.

Given that we live in an ever-changing and fast-developing world, I equally recognise the importance of being dynamic in our decision making and actions. As human beings we are always evolving, growing and learning. In that way, I recognise that I must be willing to step out of my comfort zone, once in a while, and experience the feelings of unfamiliarity and discomfort that may follow. This perspective is something that I have come to understand through reflecting upon my own experiences and challenges. Despite the tendency I have to always want to plan ahead and the uneasiness that accompanies stepping away from my usual habits and behaviours, I have learnt the value of experiencing moments as they present themselves to me day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. This has taught me to be open-minded, to be more resilient in the face of change, to be self-motivated, to remain curious and to be appreciative of the actions and support of those around me that can so often go unnoticed.

Upholding this mindset involves a lot of self-discovery, determination and practice. I intrinsically find comfort in the safety and accomplishments that come with planning. However, through familiarising myself with how to deal and respond to feelings of discomfort when things don’t go to plan, over time, I have learnt to become much more easy-going and receptive to a world that is continually surprising and exciting me.

Our actions often come with consequences, sometimes helpful and sometimes harmful. We make good and bad decisions, intentionally or sometimes by accident. What helps me live a more conscious life and reason with the unanticipated cause and effects of our actions and decisions, is knowing that it is possible for us to make changes and that the decisions we make can be reversed. I believe that we can choose to live by routine and structure yet still be open to the spontaneity of life's experiences and possibilities. Simply put, as individuals, we create our own experiences. The power of change lies within our hands. This knowledge is something I carry with me to live a life that often frightens and astonishes me, but more importantly, one that enthuses and motivates me. One that helps me grow.

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