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Welcome to my blog!

Join me in exploring the excitement and challenges of life with an open and curious mind!

We all have our individual journeys and stories to tell. I'll be exploring my everyday thoughts and reflections through the themes of movement, mindfulness, nutrition and my on-going study of Psychology and most recently, Naturopathy. My blog posts are supported by my studies, research, my interests and most importantly my personal experiences. I try to be authentic and genuine in my writing and hope that I convey this in a way that allows you to connect, to relate and to take from it what best aligns with you. 


In the same way that I believe in adopting a holistic approach to our health - to look at all aspects affecting our health and to care for the whole person - I believe we can further learn from this approach by applying it to how we live and perceive all aspects in life. I try to make this clear in my writing and in how I explore different topics - keeping an open and curious mind to each avenue, possibility and explanation. I'm happy for my writing to be challenged and welcome further conversation and engagement. Each and everyone of us holds value and has an important contribution to make, however small or significant, and as such, in listening to each other, sharing with each other and being with each other we can learn to live harmoniously together and become a greater, more healing and understanding whole. 

Thanks for submitting! :)

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